About 20% of the members of ETV Volley are youth members. These are players at the recreational level and at top level. It doesn't matter at what level you play tennis, everyone is welcome! At ETV Volley you’ll be training at least 1 x a week in a group at your own level. The tennis lessons are provided by trainers from tennis school Amjoy.  

For the tennis levels, ETV Volley follows the tennis system Tenniskids of the KNLTB. You can read more about this on Tenniskids.

The difficulty of tennis increases  with age and skills: the balls bounce harder and harder and the field gets larger with each level. In short: tennis is already possible for children at the age of 4 years! The KNLTB organizes competitions twice a year (about 5-6 Sundays) in which the youth of ETV Volley also participate. The competition is also divided into the levels Red, Orange, Green and Yellow.  

We think it is important that young people feel at home at ETV Volley. That is why activities are regularly organized by the Youth Committee of ETV Volley. For example, at ETV Volley it is possible to play weekly matches when there is no competition, in addition to your training. There is a youth hussel especially for youth, where everyone - at their own level – can play against club mates. Nice to join! Also to get to know other children.  


At ETV Volley you can take 3 free try out lessons before deciding to become a member. Membership is an All-in-1 package for the entire school year. You pay one amount for a whole school year of tennis: contribution, training, spring and autumn competition, youth club- and other activities.

Do you want to take try out lessons or do you want more information? Mail to [email protected].

If you want to become a member right away, click on ‘join us' at the top of the website and register.