Information about Membership

Costs adults:

Senior members pay the following membership fee annually:

  • Seniors (17 years or older)                         € 175,00
  • Students  (student pass to be shown)        € 113,00
  • Not active members                                    € 20,00

With your membership you are also a member of the KNLTB (except for non-active members). The contribution is collected by direct debit using ClubCollect in March.

The membership periods for adults run parallel with the calender, so starts at January 1st and ends at December 31st. Invoicing/payment is arranged through ClubCollect-Ideal in March. If you want to become a member somewhere during the year you pay more or less fractionally for the remaining months, but the monthly amount is slightly higher then, due to the fixed payment we have to make to the KNLTB.

Costs juniors:

For junior membership the membership is organised slightly different: membership starts in September and continues untill the end of August of the next year. In principle membership includes training (details below), participation in the external competition (spring and fall) and allows the junior member to participate in all youth activities.

Membership fees are:

  • For ages 5-8:     € 400,-- yearly (with 1 hr training/week, 8 kids per court, winter inside)
  • For ages 9-12:   € 495,-- yearly (with 1 hr training/week, 4 kids per court, winter inside)
  • For ages 13-17: € 500,-- yearly (with 1 hr training/week, 4 kids per court, winter outside but 1.5 hrs)
  • For special situations where training is not wanted or special training arrangement are requested there is the possibility to become a "basic-member-without-training" against a yearly fee of € 112,- yearly.
  • For the very young kids, aged less than 5 years old, there is the option to become a member for the yearly fee of € 315,--

Training is given during 34 weeks, and takes place outside school holidays and there is also no training during a short period just after the summer holiday, before and after the start of the new season /membership year.

The invoicing of the youth membership which include training is done in 2 terms, 1x fall (September/October), 1x spring March.  The invoicing for basic-members is done in September/October, and is not split in 2 terms, but is directly for the full yearly membership.

Except for the very small kids younger than 5 all youth memberships also include KNLTB-membership.

Becoming a member somewhere during the year is possible, but obtaining a training spot in a training group is of course to be discussed, and fees will be more or less fractionally from the yearly fee.

Note that termination of training and/or membership outside the normal membership termination periods is not possible, or will not lead to a refund, as the training groups are all arranged et cetera.

Other arrangements and information:

Buying off bar service

All senior or student members run bar shifts (standard bar shift or equivalent 4 times a year). This keeps our clubhouse affordable and cozy. If you want to opt out of bar services, you can buy them off. That costs

  • € 60,-- if you report this before March 6 ([email protected])
  • € 80,-- if you report it later or if you do not register for bar services

For parents of youth members it is assumed they will help our volunteers with the various youth activities.

Competition costs (for Senior / Student)

  • € 100,-- for Friday evening or Saterdays per team
  • € 150,-- for Sunday teams. 
  • For Youth members the participation in competition is included in the yearly fee. Participation is assumed, but not obligatory. If you do not want to participate you will have to inform the youth committee
  • € 30,--   per league playing junior member

Tennis Lessons for senior/student members:

  • 12 lessons of 1 hour with 8 people 95 euros
  • 12 lessons of 1 hour with 4 people 159 euros
  • 12 lessons of 1 hour with 2 people 309 euros

Member passes

As a member of ETV Volley you are automatically a member of the KNLTB and you receive a KNLTB pass every year. With this pass you can open the gate of the park and reserve courts. It is also necessary to identify yourself at competition matches and tournaments.

New passes will be issued at the end of March and can be collected at the announced times. If you are not able to collect the pass, you can send a self-addressed envelope with a stamp (in another envelope) to our Member Administration Toine van Gils, Schonberglaan 8, 5654 KC Eindhoven.

Temporary passes are available for new members for a deposit of 25 euros, so that they can get on the track immediately. "Sleeping members" can also be given a pass to open the gate.

The membership card is renewed annually. Then you can also change your photo. To do so, send a new photo before January 1 to [email protected]. We will notify you in good time on the website and in the newsletter when you can collect new membership cards.


Change / cancel membership


Membership details can be changed by letter or email to Toine van Gils (Schonberglaan 8, 5654 KC, Eindhoven, [email protected]).

Termination of membership

You can cancel your membership by letter or e-mail to Toine van Gils (Schonberglaan 8, 5654 KC, Eindhoven, [email protected]).

For adults the following applies:

  • If the cancellation is in the possession of the membership administration before December 1st, there are no costs involved and the cancellation will take effect on January 1.
  • In case of cancellation in December or January, € 15 will be charged.
  • With cancellation in February € 25.
  • From March 1st, the full membership fee will be charged.

For your the following applies:

  • The notification of the termination of the membership has to be send to our administration before August 15th. There are no costs involved and termination will take effect on September 1.
  • In case the notification is received in September we will charge € 15,-.
  • After September 1st cancellation is no longer possible. Training groups and competition teams have been made, including related costs.