About Us

We have about 700 members (20% youth),10 tennis courts and 3 padel courts. Thanks to that favorable average, you can almost always reserve playing time quickly. Nice to know, right? If you do have to wait sometimes, it happens in a good environment. Because ETV-Volley is a friendly club. on the courts and around it (especially in the pavilion).

Training On our park there is training almost every day, by young and old, novice and experienced. The Amjoy team provides the training sessions. Tennis players of more or less equal strength sit together in groups of 2, 4 or 8. Private training is also possible. Click here for more information about the training approach, the trainers or to register directly. 
Competitions and tournaments Without exaggerating: we are an active club. We participate with many teams at different levels in the competition, which starts after the winter. In winter we have our own winter league in two parts (3 months before and 3 months after Christmas). We also have the famous Open Volley tournament, the Club Championships, the Couples Tournament, the Parent-Child Tournament and the Spring Festival, among others. Never a dull moment. 

Top tennis Would you like to enjoy top tennis? Look no further than our park. See the schedule. The first team plays at a high national level. Youthful talents push each other to greater heights.

Active volunteers The club is supported by a large group of volunteers. Believe it or not: the atmosphere and the club benefit from this great involvement. We do our own court maintenance. Every member works a few bar shifts. Various committees are active to keep tennis and everything around it on the right track. If you want to participate, there are plenty of opportunities to use your talents. 

Beautiful park Our park Dommeldal-Zuid is located in Eindhoven-Zuid, district Gestel. The club has been affiliated with the KNLTB since April 1936. The park consists of twelve courts, including 8 smashcourt, 2 gravel courts and 3 padel courts. All courts have LED lighting.